Split Level Home Designs

As accomplished and experienced split level home builders, we can design and construct a beautiful home for your sloping block of land that takes full advantage of the possibilities it offers. Fantastic views, beautiful interiors and maximum utilisation of the available space are just a few of the benefits that our split level home designs have to offer. Whether your block of land slopes up or down to the street, or sideways, Millbrook Homes can design and build a home for you that makes the most of the site you have to work with.

Lower Your Costs with the Best Split Level Home Builders in Sydney

Most construction companies prefer to build on flat plots of land because there are fewer challenges to overcome, which means prices for sloped blocks of land can be significantly cheaper in many areas. As highly experienced split level builders who love a challenge, we can help you to realise your homeownership dreams for less than might otherwise be possible. And when you hire the best split level home builders to build your new home, you won’t have to make any compromises at all: your new home will be absolutely perfect, both inside and out.